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Sonic & Knuckles Collection VS. Sonic & Knuckles Collection VS. Sonic & Knuckles Collection, 1997

September 1st 2013
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Puyo Puyo Fever VS. Puyo Pop Fever VS. Puyo Puyo Fever  VS. Puyo Puyo Fever  VS. Puyo Puyo Fever, 2004

August 17th 2013
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Earthworm Jim VS. Earthworm Jim Special Edition VS. Earthworm Jim, 1994/95

July 13th 2013
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Flashback VS. Flashback: The Quest for Identity VS. Flashback: The Quest for Identity, 1993/95

May 29th 2013
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Sarada no Kuni no Tomato Hime VS. Sarada no Kuni no Tomato Hime VS. Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, 1984/1988/1991

If anyone has a better scan of the PC box, let us know!

March 5th 2013
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