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Super Monkey Ball Deluxe VS. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe VS. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, 2005

September 11th 2012
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Catherine VS. Catherine, 2011

The Catherine box art is the same across all regions except for alternate, slightly censored US covers which are just a zoom/crop of that same art. The game did get different covers based on the platform, though, so here!

September 10th 2012
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Shenmue VS. US Shenmue, 2000

Since Shenmue’s covers use basically the same art across all regions, let’s instead pit it against US Shenmue, a Japanese re-release of the English version with added Japanese subtitles.

Happy birthday, Dreamcast!

September 9th 2012
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Chaotix VS. Knuckles’ Chaotix, 1995


September 8th 2012
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Wagamama Fashion: Girl’s Mode VS. Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique VS. Style Savvy, 2008/9

Saw the JP cover for the new 3DS installment on Tiny Cartridge, thought it would be a nice change of pace over here.

September 6th 2012
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Super Wonder Boy: Monster World VS. Bikkuriman World VS. Wonder Boy in Monster Land VS. Super Wonder Boy in Monster Land VS. Mônica no Castelo do Dragão, 1987/88/89/91

Yes, these are ALL THE SAME GAME.

September 5th 2012
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